No Fear

chad Faith, Love

Fear and anxiety have a way of controlling many areas of our lives.  It is time we choose to live in love rather than fear.

Fear is not meant to have any place in our lives.  You were created to live without fear. Fear didn’t exist until sin entered mankind.  In the garden Adam and Eve walked freely with no fear (and they were naked in the wild).  Fear came in as a result of sin and what should have been natural for them now was engulfed in fear.  Genesis 3:10

Fear may have come because of sin but Jesus paid the price for sin.  The price He paid on calvary allows us to be new creations that no longer have to be bound by sin or its results.    (2 Corinthians 5:17)   This means fear doesn’t have to control us. Fear is just an area where we have believed a lie instead of the truth of God’s love. John 8:32 says “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”   When we know the truth of God’s great love for us and the victory we have through Him the lie of fear has to leave.

Perfect love casts out fear and we know that God is love. (1 John 4:18) What does that really mean?  It means that anytime we are allowing fear into our lives we are not allowing God into that area. There is no fear in love.  Jesus could face the cross with no fear because He was connected to Love (the Father). What fear is really saying is that this thing is more powerful than God; and it will be as long as you believe the lie.  Elect to live from God’s love and no longer give fear a place in your life.