I want to know God – but I struggle with the Church

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What do you do when you truly love God, want to grow and learn how to be all that God has for you but you struggle with the church?  A few years ago if you asked me about this subject I wouldn’t have had much to say.  Recently it is alarming how many people I meet or hear about that no longer want anything to do with the church.   We could call it church hurt.

I know for as many people who have left church, there are just as many unique stories why this would be.  From people who have been hurt by the leadership in the church or those who have had problems with other members in a church.  These issues could be over 1000 different issues from money, style, music, even to fraud and issues of sin.  

No matter what has happened whether you were directly involved or not, I am truly sorry that something could have happened that would have affected your view of the church.  God’s desire is for you to be connected with Him and His body.   

No matter why or how it happened, I know it is tragic and not God’s plan.  The body of Christ is a body of believers.  If my hand left my body, I would be able to learn to function without it but my hand by itself will be very limited.  For my hand to come to its highest potential it will have to be connected to my body.  We have too many people trying to get by disconnected.  Don’t let the devil rob you of your destiny.

No matter what has happened to you I want to encourage you to get back to church.  God is doing great things on the earth and He is preparing His bride for the end times.  One of the main functions of the church is to equip believers to be powerful believers.   God’s desire is for you to be connected to Him, not just individually but through the church.  He is the head of the church which is His body.  He wants you fully functional as a part of His kingdom.  

Take the step to come back.  If you have to walk through forgiveness then do it.  Whatever is needed is worth it.  No more excuses, now is the time.   The plans God has for you are too important (you are too important)  to let any circumstance or person stop you from moving forward in Christ.

I believe we are truly living in the greatest time ever.  Now is the time to be all that God has destined you to be.  

If you want to talk about your struggle and how you can get back to church you can email meat  pastorchad@thealtarfc.com