God we want more of YOU!

chad Revival, The Altar

It is time we became more hungry for a move of God!!!

Are you hungry for a move of God in your city?   What does that even look like? It doesn’t matter what your city is like, it needs a move of God.  We can’t be content with just clean streets and good schools. We need a move of God. We can call it different things like revival, an outpouring,  renewal, an awakening. Whatever you call it, we need it!  It is often said that during a time  of outpouring  people become more aware of God. I believe this to be true but not because people are just being told about God,  it is because they see God moving powerfully around them and in them. The awareness is there because the Presence of God is undeniable. We need churches that can be points in cities where the Presence or Glory of God is seen and encountered to such a degree that His Presence is carried outside of the church and into the city.

In Acts 4:31 the church was having a prayer meeting.  During that gathering the building they were in shook (like an earthquake ) and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit.   After this many miraculous signs and wonders were being done and the number of believers was rapidly multiplying (Acts 5: 12-16). My heart longs for prayer meetings in which people are so hungry to see God move that the building shakes and the Presence of God fills them so much that everyone in the city knows God is moving.  We have too many meetings we call revival that never leave the church building. If revival doesn’t touch the city it’s not revival. I love reading revival history where bars and brothels all closed because of the move of God in a city. These were revivals where the move of God spread beyond a city and impacted nations.  I love the way the Bible describes the early church as “they turned the world upside down”.  Church programs alone can’t accomplish this.  It is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the church that will transform lives and rock cities.  Why do we keep adding more man filled programs when we know the only real answer is for the Spirit of God to be poured out?  We don’t need more programs, we need more prayer. Not just dry, stagnant, religious prayers but Presence filled, life altering, heart felt, fire from our heart prayers.  James 5:16 declares that it is the “The fervent (white hot) prayer of a righteous man that avails much”

His Presence changes everything. The Bible says when people who had evil spirits saw Jesus they would throw themselves to the ground shrieking in front of Him.  I love it; just the presence of Jesus made evil spirits freak out. (Mark 3:11) I am all for lights and making things look appealing in our churches but we can get so caught up with how things look and sound that we miss the most important thing.  Him!! The lights and fog won’t cast demons out and they surely won’t see people set free and healed, but His presence will. Lights are cool but seeing people get out of wheelchairs is better. Seeing people set free and walking in their true identity as a son or daughter of God in complete freedom can’t be touched.   It should be the desire of churches to be more powerful than relevant. Ohhh no I shouldn’t have said that. People want the church to be relevant. What does that mean? To be more like the world? No way. Too many churches have exchanged their authority for relevance. The result? People in the church are bound by the same garbage that the rest of the world is. Look at these verses below.  Jesus said in Luke that the Kingdom is being preached and people are eager to get in. He didn’t preach relevance or compromise. Rather truth and power. There is nothing more relevant than the Kingdom of God.

(Luke 16:16 NLT) Until John the Baptist, the law of Moses and the messages of the prophets were your guides. But now the Good News of the Kingdom of God is preached, and everyone is eager to get in.

(1 Corinthians 4:20 NIV) For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power.

You and I were not meant to live apart from God’s presence.  Read about the relationship Adam and Eve had with God before sin entered their lives. We were created to be in the Glory (His Presence) not apart from it. We know it was because of sin that we missed the mark.  Romans says we have all sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. (Romans 3:23) Here is the good news, because of what Jesus did on the cross we are restored to the relationship God originally planned for mankind.  That is why throughout the new testament it says “In Christ”, “With Christ”.  My favorite is Ephesians 2:6 where it states we are seated with Christ in heavenly places. The same truth is found in Romans 6. In and with are prepositions that show our position – we are together with Christ not separate.  The Christian life was meant to be one of fellowship with God not just having a knowledge of God. We were created to experience and encounter God. Adam didn’t sit in the garden and think about God from a distance but God came to the garden and walked with him. The same applies to us today, we are meant to experience God beyond just our brains.  There is so much in the Presence of God we can have access to.  Anytime we see a level or move of God in scripture that we have not experienced yet we should not dismiss it and say “ well that was for them, or that has passed”.  It is an invitation from God for more of Him. Stop shutting the door that opens to the unknown in Christ. Instead open it wide and say “I want that too God”.

The Presence changes everything

It changes a simple verse into a life giving mission.

It makes your weakness into a strength that every demon in hell cannot stop.

It will change your content, quiet life into a life of a world changing, Kingdom carrying,  devil destroying, radical lover of God you were created to be.

It changes a Sunday morning only religion into a passionate pursuit of Jesus that nothing short of heaven on earth could stop.

It will transform your prayer into a life altering intimate time with the Father as He shares His plans and heart and how you are a part of His plan.

It is time the church cries out for a move of God like the earth has never seen.   Our city, our nation, this world needs an outpouring of God’s Presence not to be contained by the church but rather carried by His church, filled with His Presence to every hurt, broken, sick, deceived, bound person on the planet.

Why not now?  Why not you? Why not here?

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