God Unfiltered

kristie Culture, Revival, Worship

What would it look like?

God unfiltered.

Not filtered by our programs.

Not filtered by time constraints.

Not filtered by our comfort zone.

Not filtered by concerns that a move of the Spirit might offend someone.

Not filtered by lies we have believed about ourselves.

Not filtered by misconceptions about who we think God is.

Not filtered by fear of the unknown.

Not filtered by concerns about what others think about us.

Not filtered by beliefs that the Power of God was for the past.

Not filtered by the belief that God’s promises are for someone else.

God is good.  His goodness is greater than we can imagine.  He desires to move today.  I refuse to back down in my relentless pursuit of Him.  I choose to allow God to be all that He is.  Good, loving, compassionate, powerful, creative, living, mighty to save, our light, our shield, glorious, majestic, an all consuming fire, merciful , slow to anger, healer, sovereign, great deliverer, lifter of my head, provider, dream giver, limitless, everlasting, keeper of His promises, I AM, loving Father.


What would it look like?

God unfiltered.

You’re invited to join us at The Altar as we pursue revival and spend time in the presence of God.

On Earth as it is on Heaven.

1630 N College Ave  Unit D (behind H&R Block)         Sundays 10AM