Come let us return to the Lord

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Let us return to the Lord!  What a powerful statement.  It is not just powerful because it’s in the Bible,  it’s powerful because people know it’s true.  What we need now, and have always needed, is God.  Yet it seems that people often have a hard time coming back to God.  Why?  For some it may feel that they have been gone so long they don’t even know where to begin the journey back to Him.  Some may be asking, “Does God still love me?”  Does He still care?  Have I gone too far from Him?  What really is true about God and His love? Maybe you have been asking some of these same questions. The truth is that God loves you.  There is no distance that you can go that God’s love for you cannot reach.  He is still there, and He is waiting for you to return to Him. 

There is no better time than now.  Today is the day of salvation, there is no better time than the now.   The call to return to the Lord is from Hosea 6:1-3. In these verses we can clearly see the Father’s love for His people and His desire for them to return to Him.   His heart is for you.

In those verses there are four words that capture God’s heart for you.  Heal, bandage, revive, and raise.

Heal: Sin, religion, and sometimes even life can make us feel like our hearts and souls have been torn to pieces.  Your Heavenly Father wants to step into those broken places and bring healing.  He is the remedy for all wounds.

Bandage: Circumstances and life have a way of beating us down.  Often we can feel like we are in a boxing match that won’t end.  Yet God knows exactly what we need and how to bandage each part of our life to restore us.  He will give you rest, and strength in the middle of the battle.

Revive: He is there to bring us back to life, to breathe fresh air into us.  He wants to revive you.  He is not out to get you but rather to bring life to you.  When sin and life have done all their damage, His love is more powerful.  The bible says that nothing can keep us from His love (Romans 8:38-39) and nothing can stop His healing and restoring grace.

Raise: If we are in Christ, God says we are seated with Him in heavenly places.  He wants to raise you up to be who He says you are. It is not your past or your circumstances that define you but who He says you are.  A good Father doesn’t want you to live beneath your purpose but to see you raised up to be who you were created to be.

Verse 2 concludes “that we may live before Him”.  Everything God does is for you to live.  He sent Jesus so you could live life with Him and not apart from Him.  Jesus called it life in abundance.  

Why do we accept life the way others or the world says it should be when God has come to give us real life.  It is time to return to the Lord and live.  He has healing for every hurt and true life to be lived in Him and with Him.  It is simply up to us to return to Him.  He is there waiting for you. 

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